Adrian Powter


Adrian Powter

Capulet: Romeo and Juliet / Bampton Classical Opera


“...Adrian Powter's Capulet was the epitome of mellifluously outraged paternity.”

The Independent


Brahms: Requiem / The Music Hall, Aberdeen


“…the outstanding baritone Adrian Powter…”

Press and Journal


Wagner: Faust / English National Opera


“…with Adrian Powter’s Wagner an excellent cameo.”

Independent on Sunday


“Pamela Helen Stephen (Marthe) and Adrian Powter (Wagner) sang and acted well.”



Farasmene: Radamisto / Northern Ireland Opera

“Adrian Powter made a lot with words and expression of the Learish Farasmane.”

Opera Now


Elviro: Xerxes / English National Opera

“Andrew Watts’ Arsamenes and Adrian Powter’s Elviro both carry well.”

The Guardian


“Baritones Adrian Powter and Neal Davies provide, respectively, the peripheral slapstick and military gravitas.”

The Independent


“Adrian Powter was absolutely wonderful as Elviro…”

Opera Britannia


“Neal Davies and Adrian Powter were so ballsy in cameo roles that one wished the composer had given them more opportunities to strut their stuff.”

The Telegraph


Father: Hansel and Gretel / Cork Opera Works


“Adrian Powter as Father had the vocal power and presence necessary to shine.“

Munster Express


Father: Hansel and Gretel / Iford Arts


“…Adrian Powter, a stentorian, shirt-sleeved Father…”

Father: Hansel and Gretel / Iford Arts

The Times


The Forester: The Cunning Little Vixen / Surrey Opera


“There were many notable performances…the Forester of Adrian Powter grew over the course of the opera, producing in Act 3 a vocal quality full of reflection and evocation of change.”



De Brétigny: Manon / Scottish Opera


“…Adrian Powter’s icy De Brétigny has significant presence.”

The Independent


“Paul Charles Clarke's anguished Des Grieux, Benjamin Bevan's playboy Lescaut, Harry Nicoll's foppish Guillot and Adrian Powter's darkish De Brétigny are most prominent in a defining team.”

The Scotsman


Plutone: L’Orfeo / English Bach Festival Trust


“Adrian Powter and Violetta Gawara were good as Plutone and the Orfeo-beguiled Proserpina...“



Masetto: Don Giovanni / English Touring Opera


“With Adrian Powter’s excellent Masetto, this was a performance dominated by the lower voices...”

The Guardian


“…Adrian Powter gives a vigorous reading of Masetto, borne on a wave of class resentment and constantly bubbling aggression.”



Guglielmo: Così fan tutte / Stowe Opera


“Well, if all round talent was anything to go by, I would plump for the Guglielmo of Adrian Powter, perfect in articulation, phrasing and ease of deportment.”



Marcello: La bohème / Garden Opera


“...roundly portrayed and warmly sung by Adrian Powter.”



Schaunard: La bohème / Castleward Opera


“...Marcello (Daniel Broad), Schaunard (Adrian Powter) and Colline (Pauls Putnis) sing with complementary seriousness, richness and tender gravity.”

Irish Times


Sacristan: Tosca / English National Opera

“There is fine work in smaller roles from Adrian Powter as the comically pious Sacristan…”

The Stage


“Adrian Powter’s pious Sacristan was clear and ringing.”

The Times


Taddeo: L’Italiana in Algeri / Scottish Opera


“Adrian Powter’s hyperactive portrayal of Isabella’s mature companion Taddeo and Mary O’Sullivan’s neat depiction of Mustafa’s cast-off wife Elvira fit beautifully into the picture.”

The Stage


Bonario: La cappricciosa corretta / Bampton Classical Opera


“Adrian Powter kept the comedy flowing as the hapless merchant husband, Bonario, a character straight out of Goldoni or Beaumarchais; as the wayward spouse...”

Bonario: La cappricciosa corretta / Bampton Classical Opera

Opera Now


Frank: Die Fledermaus / Scottish Opera Go Round


“Convincing performances, too, from Damian Thantrey, Christopher Turner, Julian Hubbard, Adrian Powter and Benjamin Segal in a racy combination of roles...”

The Scotsman


Major-General Stanley: The Pirates of Penzance / Théâtre de Caen


“The baritone Adrian Powter combines wonderfully perfect diction with lively capers to create a hilarious Major General that is always ideally sung.”



Major-General Stanley: The Pirates of Penzance / Théâtre de Luxembourg


“I was particularly taken with Powter’s turn as the Major-General. From his stroking of the voluminous feathers on his dress uniform hat as if it were a favourite spoiled fat cat to his whimsical mini-ballet during Sighing Softly to the River, Powter is hilarious throughout, delivering a richly detailed comic performance underlined by a beautifully sung musical one.”

Luxernburger Wort


“Adrian Powter is a wonderfully pompous Major-General, sometimes self-pitying and always powerfully sung.”

Trierischer Volksfreund


Lothario: Mignon / New Sussex Opera


“…baritone Adrian Powter, blessed with lovely tone.”


Vaughan Williams: Songs of Travel - The Vagabond