Timothy Nelson


Timothy Nelson


Argenio: Imeneo / London Handel Festival

“Mr Nelson was very much in control of Argenio’s role, on top of the coloratura passages and singing with an easy grace.”

Opera Britannia


“…sang authoritatively as the opera’s father figure.”



“The busy senator Argenio is well sung by Timothy Nelson.”

The Times


Berardo: Riccardo Primo / London Handel Festival

“Timothy Nelson sang elegantly…”

The Guardian


Erasto: Giove in Argo / London Handel Festival

“Brute testosterone came from the Erasto of Timothy Nelson, a baritone to watch.” The Arts Desk


Figaro: Le nozze di Figaro / RCMIOS

“Timothy Nelson, a Figaro of explosive temper, conveyed the character’s potential for revolution in the first scene. His ability to exploit words came through in his teasing of Cherubino in ‘Non piu andrai’, and in his anguished delivery of ‘Aprite un po’ quel’occhi’, facing the possibility of Susanna’s infidelity.”



Papageno: Die Zauberflöte / RCMIOS

“Timothy Nelson didn’t overplay Papageno’s tendency to swamp the opera with earthy good cheer, tightening the broad humour as a result. His expressive, colourful baritone was a consistent pleasure, and almost alone of the cast, he had the measure of the spoken dialogue, so that in good cabaret style it didn’t drag…”

Classical Source


“Only Papageno and Papagena visually fulfilled normal pantomimic expectations. Both Timothy Nelson and Sinead O’Kelly seized their opportunities in those roles, their vocal abilities matched by beautiful comic timing and innately warm stage presence.”



Ramiro: L’heure espagnole / RCIMOS

“…the charms of Timothy Nelson’s velvety Muleteer.”



Don Pomponio: La Gazetta / RCIMOS

“With the arrival of Pomponio (Timothy Nelson), the stage was filled with his flamboyant personality and his huge (generously padded) person; his agile baritone and clownish facial expressions added further dimensions to his entertaining performance.”



Nathan: Pleasure / Opera North

“Nick Pritchard and Timothy Nelson are both affecting as two lost souls adrift in this Hedonistic Hades.”

The Guardian


“Timothy Nelson (Nathan) and Nick Pritchard (Matthew) sing cleanly and act intelligently…”

Huddersfield Daily Examiner


“…searingly convincing as played by the baritone Timothy Nelson…”



“Timothy Nelson’s baritone Nathan is searingly convincing.”

Yorkshire Press


Nathan: Pleasure / Royal Opera, London

“Timothy Nelson, as Val’s estranged son, was strong and moving before his tragic suicide.”



“Timothy Nelson and Nick Pritchard, both making Royal Opera debuts, are splendid as Nathan and Matthew respectively.”

Music OMH

Timothy Nelson singing Wagner: Tannhäuser - “Wie Todes Ahnung”