Samantha Price


Samantha Price

Cherubino: The Marriage of Figaro / English National Opera

“Price is a real find – gangling and charming, awkwardly loveable and with a legato you could balance your tea-cup on.”

The Arts Desk


Samantha Price is an excellent Cherubino: her boyish mannerisms nicely observed, part gauche little boy and part arrogant teenage heartthrob, her singing is exquisite, particularly in “Voi, che sapete.”



“Samantha Price’s intensely sung Cherubino is all the more effective for being played absolutely straight.”

The Independent


“Samantha Price relayed Cherubino’s erotic complications in vividly-characterised acting, while producing a beautifully controlled line in her two arias.”



“Just as impressive was the charmingly gangly Cherubino of Samantha Price. She embodied the love-struck teenager credibly and with a perfect knack for comedy. Her singing was superb, bringing spirit to a lovely ‘Non so più’, her added vocal ornamentation immaculately phrased and delightful. ‘Voi che sapete’ was as enchanting as it ought to be, Ms. Shaw’s excellent direction here bringing out the character’s poignant self-consciousness. It was difficult to believe this was Ms. Price’s role debut.”

Opera Britannia


“Rude humour dominates, particularly in the blissful Cherubino scenes (Samantha Price is, forgive the pun, priceless as the priapic youth whose hormone-popping body constantly gets the better of him)…My personal highlight from a special evening? Cherubino's gauche moment of self-consciousness before his great act two aria, so handshakes to Shaw for imagining it and to Samantha Price for delivering it so sweetly. The old eye leaked a bit, I don't mind saying.”

What’s On Stage


Tweedle-Dum: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland / Linbury Studio Theatre

“The characterisation of roles is strong and energetically performed across the board…there is not a weak link in the cast, in terms either of singing ot acring…Samantha Price’s and Daisy Brown’s TweedleDee and TweedleDum show an impressive skill in physical comedy.”

The Stage


“The performances were bold and lively from the brattish Tweedles Dum and Dee (Samantha Price and Daisy Brown).

The Times


Prince Orlofsky: Die Fledermaus / Opera Holland Park

“Samantha Price makes a lively, luscious-sounding Prince Orlofsky.”



“Samantha Price assumes the role of the jaded Russian aristocrat with more humour than most, unveiling her own deception in an amusing directorial conceit in the third act. She lends a spirit of lightness to the proceedings, singing ‘Ich lade gern mir Gäste ein’ with charm."

Opera Britannia


“Samantha Price, a plump toned Orlofsky.”



"I enjoyed Samantha Price’s Orlofsky: her mezzo is vibrant and assured, and she was the perfect party host - hospitable and indefatigable."

Opera Today


“Samantha Price made a charming Orlofsky.”

Planet Hugill


“Samantha Price is a likeable, gender-non binary Orlofsky.”

The Times


L’Innocente: L’Arlesiana / Opera Holland Park

“Samantha Price was excellent as the younger brother…”



“Samantha Price, with her sweet mezzo-soprano, gives L’Innocente the right impression of being all knowing in a virtuous sense.”

Music OMH


“Samantha Price was excellent in the vital role of L’Innocente…”


Seen and Heard International


Iolanthe / English National Opera

“Samantha Price is an amusingly ditsy Iolanthe, singing with great warmth…”

Classical Source


“Samantha Price sings the title role beautifully…”

The Guardian


“Samantha Price as Iolanthe makes the most of her big Verdian aria…”

The Independent


“Samantha Price flighty, earnest Iolanthe excelled…”

The Observer


“As Iolanthe, Samantha Price made the most of her Act 2 supplication to her former husband…”

Opera Today


“…with Samantha Price as a fine Iolanthe.”

The Standard


“Samantha Price’s elegant Iolanthe is sprinkled with fairy dust…”



Perdita: The Winter’s Tale / English National Opera

“Bohemia’s young lovers were charming: Samantha Price’s full lyric mezzo-soprano delicious as Perdita.”



“But it’s young lovers Florizel (Anthony Gregory) and Perdita (Samantha Price) who find the missing joy in this musical world – she blooming and vital, he sincere, singing Wigglesworth’s angular lines with lieder-like ease and lyricism.”

Broadway World


“Samantha Price and Anthony Gregory make fresh-voiced lovers, Perdita and Florizel.”

The Guardian


“The most engaging performers are Anthony Gregory’s Florizel and Samantha Price’s Perdita, neither huge of voice, but projecting perfectly in the large auditorium.”

The Sunday Times


“Samantha Price and Anthony Gregory are spirited young lovers.”

The Times


“Samantha Price’s vulnerable Perdita shines and convinces.”



2016 Opera Highlights Tour / Scottish Opera

“…a splendid company of four young singers…Mezzo Samantha Price and baritone Johnny Herford were the more consistently musically accurate and all four have real acting talent.”

The Herald


“…a quartet of assured and enchanting voices – soprano Filipa van Eck, mezzo Samantha Price, tenor Anthony Flaum and baritone Johnny Herford…Price creamy and rich as cranachan in the Handel…”

Scottish Daily Express


Shakespeare Live!

Samantha Price sings Belle luci from Vento’s Ezio